Epic Lvl NPCs

List of every fabled or extremely powerful NPC.

Any NPC that appears on this list is either legendary or so powerful the PCs would be fool to offend them. If I were to actually make characters for those listed below they would be at least level twenty or above.

  • The Lucky Bard – Other than legends and tall tales nothing much is known about the man himself. One of the oldest known heroes and a constant source of bewilderment to historians his known stories can be read in. Tales of The Lucky Bard

  • The Bear Queen – Married to the King of the Eastern Crown at an extremely young age this woman has now all but taken over his kingdom as she turned sixteen. Harsh and just no one is safe from her wrath, and she is always eager to prove her strength through either her might or wit. Never seen with out her dire bear companion or not dressed in some kind of red, it was has been a complete surprise to the entire royal court that such a demur and prude girl could change into such a force of rage over night (but none dare say that to her face).

Epic Lvl NPCs

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