Current Events

What’s going the very few moments before the campaigns

The Lucky Piece : In just a few short years the Eastern Crown (the main city of the campaign) has fallen victim to the Bear Queen’s military reform. Curfews and unwarranted brutality by armed guards have become the norm, many blame the absence of the heads of the Merchants Guild while others believe it is because of the increased activity of the bandits along the only road that heads into the Southern Kingdoms. All new comers into the city are ushered into The Lucky Frog (a hotel run by the Merchants Guild) to be “given tours” of the city by “professional” tour guides. All of this gives the air of secrets and paranoia, and there are many whisperings of shadows dancing in the castle windows and disappearances of those who speak out against any reformed law. Rumors of hunters and younger villagers, from the small logging town to the north east, disappearing into the woods are seeping into the city now and though locals are “gently reminded” to put all unhappy thoughts aside and continue as business as usual.

The Slithering King : Five years after the triumphant battle at the Shattered Sea the kingdom of Equus is now facing a new enemy, for ten months it’s citizens have been victim to a strange and very selective plague. Some blame the mysterious black tower that appeared just after the battle ended, some blame their King for forsaking the “True Gods” , some blame the Ghost Queen saying it is her vengeful spirit, but the majority say that the plague is actually a false one implemented by the enemies of the throne. Foreign trade has all but grounded to a halt, guards are doing “random” searches at check points for anyone in suspicion of smuggling goods or people, those new to the kingdom or those who can not prove their residency back three generations are being “encouraged” to return to their home lands, and then there is the shunning and sometimes out right hostility to anyone “passing through”. The crown is encouraging all forms of nationalism and isolationism, but on the opposite side of the spectrum is the strange and (usually) reclusive Temple to the elements. The temple and the surrounding towns have always been technically part of the Equus kingdom, but have seen to themselves since their inclusion. They have different customs and speak a different language. Highly resourceful and seeped in mystery most “decent” folk leave the “Nolly’s” to their own devices. Once every ten years the Ink Festival is held in the Temple, it is a brilliant and cherished custom said to be the highlight of anyone’s life. Celebrating the Temple founders’ path to enlightenment this week long festival is normally “invitation only”, but as a symbol of acceptance the Temple has declared that this festival is open freely to those who come to seek it’s guidance.

Victory : The Iron Crown is in a beautiful prosperous age under the rule of Queen Emrys Adhan along with the aide of her second, General _____, this wondrous Dwarven made kingdom has never seen so much luxury or freedom. That does not mean that one can sit idly by, embracing the mostly Dwarven population’s need for forging and crafting Queen Emrys has ruled that ten new garrisons shall be built to surround the border of this most magnificent Kingdom. This has led to a sharp increase of a need for soldiers, and the willingness for recruits has never been higher. Spurned on by either a love of Queen and country, the want of title and money, or the need for adventure youths from all walks of life are eagerly waiting in line to join under the symbol of the Cold Iron Crown and protect it’s way of life.

Despair : There is a town by the name of Despair located just above the Striped Jungle. This town has always been unfortunate, but the people there are tough and resilient. Always eager to press on, used to the dark creatures of the jungle nothing seems to deter them from making a decent home where they have chosen. Until now, a gruesome murder has been committed in the dead of night in the streets and the villagers only have one suspect. The Beast of Despair, only thought to be an old horror story, seems to have come to life to finally enact it’s vengeance on the town. For the first time Despair is seeking help from the neighboring areas in slaying this creature.

Current Events

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