History of The World

This world is ancient

Hidden in the deepest reaches of the untamed lands, and in the oldest tomes of the oldest libraries there are testaments to this world’s dark history. Uncounted years ago there was nothing but strife and hardship, the Magi controlled all known life with their terrible powers. Connected in their tyrannical rule over the races by their great and powerful towers constructed in dedication to their evil gods. Long did those not gifted with magical abilities suffer and slave beneath the shadows of those cursed black stone towers, and long did the Magicians wallow in luxury and debauchery until they became so engrossed with themselves that the towers collapsed on their own heads. In those times intelligence was forbidden, and any form of written word was punishable by death if possessed by an ordinary citizen. There still were story tellers, however; and as history has shown evil will turn in on itself when it has nothing else left to consume. The ancient story tellers have a tale of a young man known only as “The Lucky Bard” and according to legend he was instrumental in the events that led to the fall of the Towers. No one knows if he truly did exist or not, but all can agree on one thing; the Black Towers collapsed and the Magi destroyed themselves in fits of rage and ignorance at each other. After that it was deemed that magic was to powerful, and humans fell to it’s charms to easy. Magic was outlawed by any who were not of Elven blood. So, in truth, the mortal races traded one set of masters for another. This time it was the Elves who were the oppressors.

The Elves and the Fey were, if anything, merciful slave owners. They left the human kingdoms alone, and dared not touch the Dwarves as long as they stayed hidden underground. Their only demand was tribute in the form of servants and precious gems, there also was the law that none should learn unless instructed by an Elven priest. There was uneasy peace for a while, until the beasts attacked. Hideous, grotesque monsters with twisted unholy forms fell upon the known lands like a dark wave upon the shore. No one knew where they came from, and none knew how to defeat them. Carnage and destruction lay across the land, and there was nothing anyone could do. Then came the fabled heroes from the Iron Crown, the Dwarves had sent aide in the form of four warriors who single handedly put a stop to the death that the beasts brought. The Elves were furious, they stated that the Dwarves had violated their treaty and thus had declared war on the Elven Kings by sending their warriors. The heroes responded by raising armies and attacking the palaces of the Elves. Abandoned by their only allies, the Fey, there was no chance the Elven army could survive. So true peace now reigned, and all races were considered equal. On paper, of course.

Now there are true human Kingdoms, with kings that answer to none but their own gods. Wars still happen and the dark monsters still lurk in the night, but now there are heroes and educated individuals to put a stop to both. Stories from the past are still frowned upon, but there are those who are allowed to keep them. There are even those so bold as to propose a time before the Black Spires, where humans ruled over all. These stories are considered just idle fancy to most, and have not been accepted by any “true” scholar.


Magic users ruled over everything with large black towers
Infighting and possible sabotage from Lucky Bard caused towers to fall
Elves controlled everything
Giant demon beasts attacked
Dwarves sent heroes
Elves didn’t like that
Heroes won against Elves and monsters
Humans now control their own kingdoms
Other races and Humans intermingle about as much as the Middle Earth ones do

History of The World

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